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Urban Mushroom

Create a better and sustainable urban life

At Urban Mushroom we’re growing mushroom by wasted city resource. We delegated to deliver sustainable city solution to people who care about our environment. Our mushroom is a small step to enhance circularity, reduce waste and create new resources. We raise public awareness on city's unsustainability and unleash the possibility of city waste.


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No waste is waste

We upcycle city waste to grow our mushroom. Your waste is our fuel. If you are currently dumping a quantity of coffee waste or other organic waste like wood chips, corn cob, rice bran, rice straw. We are pleased to receive it.


We use our waste upcycle to create this kits. It is local and handmade product. 

Our mushroom growth kit allows you to have a real feel on raising mushroom. It is a good biology lesson for your kids to differentiate mushroom from a plant! It is definitely not a plant.

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Local Food 

We farm our own food. Local means freshness and short mileage and small footprint. Our nutritious mushroom products range from fresh and dehydrated mushroom. (Check "Products-"Find a Store" for detail.)

Home: What We Do

Tour & Workshop

Come to our farm or our team give you a visit to introduce our values. Learn some more about mushroom and make your own mushroom kit. Have a mindful trip to enhance our wellbeing or have some inspiration towards a more sustainable model.

Class content can be tailormade to fit your need.

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