Urban Mushroom

Create a better and sustainable urban life

At Urban Mushroom we’re growing mushroom by wasted city resource. We initiatives to deliver sustainable city solution to people who care our environment. Our mushroom is a small step to reduce city byproduct and creating new opportunities. We raise public awareness about unsustainability and unleash the possibility of city waste.


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Waste Recycling

We use city byproduct to grow our mushroom. Your waste is our fuel. If you are currently dumping a quantity of coffee waste or other waste like wood chips, corn cob, rice bran, rice straw, high-quality nonpainted cardboard. We are pleased to receive it. Contact us!!!

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Mushroom Growth Kit

We are inventing mushroom growth kit for your home. What better than growing your own food and freshly picked mushroom?

It is also a good opportunity for your kids to differentiate mushroom from a plant!

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Mushroom Retail

Our nutritious mushroom products range from fresh and dehydrated oysters mushroom is now available in stores. (Check "Products-"Find a Store" for detail.)

If you have a shop wishing to bring our mushroom to more people. Contact us for detailed discussion.

Our Story

Urban Mushroom was founded in the Summer of 2018. The venture started from the wish to create a more sustainable home. By targeting the waste problem in our urban environment, he started to look for a potential hack on it. The experiment started in the Autumn of 2017, form research, construction, the examination of theory and test of practices. The continues hard work and attempts incubated the beginning of Urban Mushroom.

Our story has just begun. In order to deliver quality mushroom growth kit and mushroom, a lot more works have to be done.

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